Author: r_ristagno


New Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements For Marine Applications

The Boat Safety Scheme has released advice on outfitting Carbon Monoxide CO Detectors to your boat. The safety equipment became mandatory on April 1, 2019 under the scheme’s updated requirements.  The rule now affects almost all private and non-private ships wanting to attain BSS certification. In order to comply, boats should have at least one carbon monoxide, CO detector  or as many as necessary so that everyone on board can hear the alarm when it…


Tips on Buying and Inspecting a Used Bass Boat

If bass fishing is your passion, a quality bass boat is a must-have piece of equipment. A great boat is just as important as a your fishing rod and a supply of flies. But unlike that fishing rod and bits of bait, a bass boat is no small purchase. Depending on the type of boat you have your eye on, you could be looking at an investment of thousands, or even tens of thousands of…


How to Choose the Best Marine Battery

If you’ve recently purchased a used boat or are preparing your boat for the upcoming season, you probably have a maintenance to-do list to take care of before you feel confident about heading out on the water. One of those items most likely involves checking or replacing your vessel’s battery. Marine batteries have two tasks, starting and powering electrical loads. You can purchase a separate battery for each job or there may be an option…