Terms of Services

IboatClassifieds does not sell or transfer email addresses or other personal information to other parties. For quality control and to ensure appropriate use and to measure website activity, IboatClassifieds may monitor communications sent via email communication forms on our website

By selecting any hyperlinks to any IboatClassifieds web pages or functions, users agree to these terms of use.

No person or company may solicit or contact IboatClassifieds advertisers for any product or service or for anything other than contacting seller for the purpose of purchasing or investigating potential purchase of advertisers product advertised in their ad without the express written permission of IboatClassifieds.

Once an ad transaction is processed and placed, there are no circumstances for which IboatClassifieds will issue a refund or credit. This includes but not limited to; boat or merchandise selling before ad expiration, withdrawal by user of boat or merchandise from sale, wrong ad information entered by user or presented by IboatClassifieds, website or Internet downtime or non-availability, ad price changes or promotions.

Users that respond to ads via email response form or use the Contact Us function are automatically subscribed to our newsletter list. Subscribers can easily click an unsubscribe link in these emails to unsubscribe.

All information displayed in boat-for-sale ads is entered by the seller/advertiser. IboatClassifieds does not verify accuracy, validity or authenticity of informaton provided by seller. IboatClassifieds does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, validity or authenticity of any of seller’s information about the boat, product or service.

IboatClassifieds is not involved in any aspect of transaction or warranties between seller and buyer. All sale terms, warranties, guarantees, and remedies are strictly between seller and buyer.

Fraud or SCAMS
IboatClassifieds does not evaluate either buyers or sellers or their offers to determine if they are fraudulent. IboatClassifieds is not liable and has no responsibility in cases of people appearing as buyers or sellers who scam or defraud the other party. Buyer or Seller must take appropriate steps to protect themselves from frauds and scams.

IboatClassifieds may change, edit, or enhance these policies from time to time at its sole discretion without notice. Users are responsible to check these policies periodically to ensure compliance.