Top 10 U.S. Boating Cities

Do you feel the desire to live near and be out on the water? If so, you’re not alone, with every 4 in 5 Americans saying they feel more at peace when they’re next to the water it’s no wonder why 87 million Americans go boating every year. Below we have compiled a list of the top 10 U.S boating cities. Start making your summer plans and get on the water and check out some of the best boating cities in the United States!

1. Long Island, New York

Close enough to the always exciting New York City, Long Island is completely surrounded by water, making it one of the best boating cities in America. While you’re out on the water make sure to check out the exclusive view of Lady Liberty and Yankee Stadium. Highly recommended is taking a trip over to ‘The Hamptons’ where you will find magnificent waterfront homes, many of which are owned by celebrities.

Fun Fact:
If you have ever wanted to visit a castle you’re in luck. Daily tours are open for locals and tourists wishing to explore the magnificent castles on the island.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

Although cold in the winter, Boston is the perfect boating location during the warmer summer months. There are 43 miles of pedestrian walk and bike paths along the Harborwalk, which is the public walkway that follows along the Boston Harbor. The walkway shows off the stunning shoreline, beaches, wharves, and piers.

Fun Fact:
There are 135,750 registered boats in Massachusetts. You will be sure to find other boating enthusiasts in this friendly state!

3. Seattle, Washington

Head over to the west coast to explore Elliott Bay, the city’s main harbor. The harbor serves as the send off point for those sailing to Alaska and the San Juan Islands. Seattle is truly the perfect place for those who love being by the water, here you will find plenty of waterfront homes and even house boats!

Fun Fact:
Since 1895, Seattle has held their traditional boating opening day with the Windermere Cup Opening Day Regatta and Boat Parade with hundreds of athletes competing for first place.

4. Naples, Florida

It’s no doubt Naples, Florida made the list with great weather almost year round and the amount of water surrounding the city, it is a boating lovers paradise! Residents and visitors of Naples have been lucky enough to spot incredible wildlife while on boating adventures. People have reported seeing families of dolphins and manatees. With the weather in Naples being so warm it’s no surprise the residents are also very into water sports. You can even join local competitions to show off your skills!

Fun Fact:
Currently there are over 13,000 waterfront property listings on the market in Naples, FL. If you are looking for you dream home with a view, be sure to check out the beautiful Naples.

4. Traverse City, Michigan

Let’s head north to Traverse City, home to Grand Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan. Now the boating season here may be short but residents and tourists don’t waste a minute when the weather is nice. After a day on the water many head into town to enjoy high quality cuisine, culture, and exceptional wine.

Fun Fact:
Residents measure the boating season from the first cherry blossoms until the berries are ready to be turned into wine.

5. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Let’s take a trip down south to the beautiful Chickamauga Lake in Tennessee. This is the city for those who wish to go boating on a calm and serene lake which is almost 60 miles long. Here you will find locals and visitors setting up camp sites along the lake as well.

Fun Fact:
If you get tired after a day on the river you can head to the Hunter Museum of Art, which is home to one of the largest collections of American art.

6. Orlando, Florida

With Florida having great year round weather it’s no surprise another Floria city made the list. With lakes everywhere, many who are looking to purchase waterfront homes gravitate toward Orlando. Many of the homes here come with a personal dock making your boating adventures as easy as possible.

Fun Fact:
For all 12 months of the year the average temperature in Orlando reaches a high of 60+ degrees fahrenheit.

7. Phoenix, Arizona

Even those who live in the desert can enjoy boating adventures in Phoenix. Home to many lakes which usually fill up quickly with boats on the weekends. Whether you are looking to have a relaxing weekend on the water filled with scenic views or get an adrenaline rush from participating in water sports, Phoenix is sure a place to consider.

Fun Fact:
Lake Pleasant, which is just 45 minutes from downtown hold 10,000 acres of water.

8. Edison, New Jersey

A city in New Jersey may be a surprise to show up on this list but the Raritan River is not to be overlooked. With homes overlooking the river for sale, many boat enthusiasts consider coming to Edison.

Fun Fact:
The Raritan River is said to be the perfect place for those who are into water sports. The river sees thousands of kayakers and canoers each year.

9. Columbia, South Carolina

Experience the charm of the south on Lake Murray in South Carolina. Many boaters gravitate toward the lake because of the plenty marinas, landings, and ramps. Here you will see a number of speedboats pulling wakeboarders and water skiers all summer long.

Fun Fact:
Lake Murray has a Birthday! It’s December 1st.

10. Hampton Roads, Virginia

Hampton Roads is not only the name of the city but also the name of the body of water where boaters go to enjoy and endless list of fun activities. Fishing is also a huge sport for the locals of Hampton Roads, and it’s common to even see divers exploring the water from underneath.

Fun Fact:
The body of water (Hampton Roads) is actually one of the world’s largest natural harbors.

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